MEEL is an online Marketplace and Farmstand for Nashville’s local food community, building community around our customers’ dinner tables with a unique “farm to front door” philosophy. We offer a variety of products to help simplify your shopping and cooking each week while also providing you with a direct connection to the source of your food… organic, locally sourced MEEL Kits, produce, pastured meats & dairy from your favorite local farms, locally crafted products, and groceries. We help you eat extremely well! You can choose how often you would like a delivery by ordering as needed or putting your favorite grocery staples on autopilot (think local farm eggs, bread, meats, salad greens, cheeses, etc…) to receive them weekly.

Our primary goal is to bring convenience to local food while growing the Middle Tennessee foodshed, which means taking local food and keeping it local. Therefore, we do not ship boxes, only hand deliver to our customers in the Nashville and Franklin areas. We also have a pickup option from our convenient space on Jefferson Street, just around the corner from Riddim N Spice (if you don’t know this island restaurant, give their takeout a try… rum cake, fried plantains, and delicious Jamaican bean bowls)

We deliver to our customers Tuesday and Friday each week, with deliveries occurring between 2:30 and 5pm. You can order once per week or twice per week and of course that frequency can change from week to week! We find that our Tuesday delivery helps stock the kitchen for the weekdays and the Friday delivery brings weekend treats to your doorstep (pizza night, pastries. cooking projects, etc…)

If you like the structure of working with meal kits, 2-3 is a good number to have on hand each week (they take away the guesswork of what’s for dinner after a long day) along with weekly staples such as eggs, bread, salad greens, and a few good cheeses. If you like to get creative in the kitchen and do your own thing, our weekly Farmstand Box and Protein Box will provide the perfect base for your creations. Prepared food items are recommended to stash in the freezer and pull out in a pinch (meatballs, chicken pot pie, baked ziti, or our latest dinner collaboration with Jeremy Barlow, etc…) What’s great about the meal kits is that anyone can prepare them! Even the slowest of cookers, the babysitter, or the children. The Rally House salad greens are grown hydroponically (indoors) which means there is no need to wash them! You can simply drizzle with good olive oil and balsamic and voila, farm-to-table salad in seconds. Our menu of seasonal MEEL Kits changes monthly (evolving with the growing seasons) and our Classic MEEL Kit Menu is always available for more finicky eaters.

We believe in sourcing real food from real people and farms right here in Middle Tennessee. This is our foundation, our community.

We believe in 100% food transparency and are extremely meticulous about our sourcing. Most of the ingredients you receive from MEEL come from within a 15 mile radius of Nashville! We prioritize working with small local farms for produce, meat, and dairy that adhere to organic, beyond organic, and/or biodynamic growing practices. Most are not certified organic, simply because of their size and the resources it would take to accomplish such a feat for certification. But we can assure you of each farm’s integrity that we work with and will happily connect you directly with those that provide your food. You can also visit your local farmers market and meet them directly and shake their hand (elbow bump in covid times). We collaborate with these farmers each week to bring our customers the best of what’s in season. We do work with certified organic farms as well, namely Hill & Hollow Farm, Green Door Gourmet, & Bloomsbury Farm. All produce is typically harvested the day before it’s delivered to you (or sometimes even the day of!) Which means it’s extremely fresh and nutrient dense.

For pantry items in our MEEL Kits (beans, grains, flours, spices, coconut milk, etc…), we work with Frontier Co-op and UNFI, both distributors of organic products. We also work with Whole Foods each week for items that we can’t get locally, namely citrus, onions, cilantro, and parsley (during the local growing “off” season). We also get some specialty items from areas outside of Nashville. These are typically items that come from places that are still local in our hearts (Boulder, Taos, Portland, Maine)

We are also very proud of our Fromagerie selections and work closely with The Bloomy Rind each week to curate the right artisanal cheeses for our MEEL Kits and Marketplace.

Contact us anytime with questions about our sourcing. There is nothing we love more than to talk about the local food community that we partner with each week and the amazing food they provide!

Early in 2020, we quickly restructured and adapted, proactively reviewing our internal processes to keep our team and customers safe in the midst of a global pandemic. We continuously monitor the CDC, WHO, and local news for updates, making changes and improvements to our service as necessary.

Sanitation & Cleanliness - All cleaning solutions used in our kitchen space meet the requirements from the EPA for effectively killing COVID 19. As always, our team continues to maintain appropriate hand washing and sanitizing protocols throughout the day. If anyone on our team is feeling sick or even the slightest bit under the weather, they will remain at home and have zero contact with your orders.

Sustainable Packaging - Sadly, our sustainable packaging initiatives were put on hold with the development of the pandemic. The cross contamination risk of using our returnable crates and jars no longer make sense during a pandemic for our customers or our team. We continue to use our wonderful BioBags for produce and most of our packaging materials qualify as sustainable disposables.

Supply Issues - As much of the country, including our grocery stores, have encountered supply issues during the past year, we can be very grateful for the local food community that remains our ethos and fills our deliveries each week. While we may run into supply issues on occasion with some of the pantry items used as supplemental ingredients in meal kits, the core of our offerings have not been affected. Our freezers continue to be stocked and re-stocked with local meats, the larder is stocked with local food products, and produce is delivered to us directly from the rural farms we work with each week. This is one of the many benefits of a “farm to front door” model. Your food is minimally handled which minimizes risks.

Deliveries - Contactless delivery has always been our jam! We will continue to leave your deliveries on the front porch with a text notification upon arrival. This process eliminates any potential contact between our delivery team and each household. We ask that you don’t request our drivers to bring items into your home.


What People Say

"MEEL has connected me to local farmers and artisans and each week I look so forward to cooking with the season. I am learning that when we eat with the season, we are eating the nutrients that our bodies need for that time of year. My family loves the interesting and varied recipes, and the marketplace has everything I need for the week. I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful community!"

- M.C.

"You guys are amazing. You have kept our house full of fresh and healthy food this year, and we appreciate it!"

- L.Z.

"The best kale salad I have ever put together ... the family gives it 2 thumbs up on all fronts! And the Korean beef tacos ... wow! All the best Thank you so much!"

- D.B.

"I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the holiday brunch box on Christmas Day. The orange juice, biscuits, sunshine rolls, eggs, etc. were all sublime. My husband could not stop raving about how good everything was, and he's a relatively demanding eater. Thank you and here's to a healthier 2021!"

- A.V.

Farm to Front Door


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